Vision and mission

Due to recognizing the country’s growing demand for gold bars and alternative investments besides gems and jewelry, YLG Bullion International Co., Ltd. was established in 2546 B.E. (2003) to import and trade 99.99% gold bars and is internationally recognized by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) Good Delivery List.

The company imports gold bars from leading brands such as Perth Mint from Australia, Johnson Matthey from Hong Kong, Argor-Heraeus, Valcambi from Switzerland, and Mitsubishi from Japan. The company has a team of marketing experts who provide advice on trading, investment and analysis of market price trends and other related factors. For your convenience, we also provide an online trading service. With our mission to focus on fairness and transparency in our business operations, we have become the largest gold bar trading company in Thailand.


Asia’s gold bar business leader


  • Provide excellent service and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Maintain financial stability and transparency

Shared values

  • Teamwork
  • Honesty and humbleness
  • Duty of loyalty and integrity
  • Eagerness to learn and good communication skills