New trend of gold savings that is no longer need to save a large amount of money to buy gold. Make your own choices of saving such as monthly direct debit or create your own saving amount. YLG Gold Saving provides the ability to gradually buy gold anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day and at real-time prices. There is no need to buy at the store, wasting time in line or being afraid to keep the gold yourself and lost it. Moreover, customer can open an online account and save gold instantly.

Save per month
1,000 Bath
Next 2 months you will get gold

Why choose YLG gold saving?

Open 24 hours
real-time prices
1 gram saving
turn to real gold
Go easy with monthly saving system
automatically direct debit
Open online account
ready to save gold instantly

Fast online register

ID Card
Book bank
Household registration
Daily saving start at 10 Bath

24 hours saving! Anywhere, anytime

Monthly saving start at 1,000 Bath

Monthly direct debit