99.99% gold

1 kilogram gold = 32.148 ounces
1 ounce gold = 31.1034768 grams
1 kilogram gold = 65.6 baht

Main features


99.99% gold bar from YLG Bullion

99.99% gold bar trading unit

5-gram 99.99% gold bar

10-gram 99.99% gold bar

20-gram 99.99% gold bar

50-gram 99.99% gold bar

100-gram 99.99% gold bar

1 kilogram 99.99% gold bar



99.99% gold bar (LBMA)

99.99% gold bar with world gold standard guaranteed by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)

Argor Heraeus 1 kilogram gold bar

RAND Refinery 1 kilogram gold bar

Valcamibi 1 kilogram gold bar

Misubishi 1 kilogram gold bar

Perth Mint 1 kilogram gold bar

Commerzbank 1 kilogram gold bar

Pamp 1 kilogram gold bar

Trading session

Place Order

  Placing order Price setting in the system by customers (Online)
Round 1 Market opening time 08.00 – 16.30
Cancellation by the system at 16.00
08.00 – 16.30
Cancellation by the system at 16.00
Round 2 Market opening time 16.30 – 01.00
Cancellation by the system at 01.00
16.30 – 01.00
Cancellation by the system at 01.00
Round 3
01.00 – 08.00
Cancellation by the system at 07.50
Customers can modify or cancel orders placed within 15 minutes before the closing time of each round. No sales representative at 2.00 but customers can still trade.

24-hour real-time trading

Monday–Friday 06.00 - 02.00

Closing times

  • 04.00–05.00

**Market opening-closing times are subject to changes by the company**

YLG account opening

Account opening document

  • Copy of household registration
  • Copy of national ID card
  • 3-month bank statement and copy of deposit account passbook
  • Commercial registration or Phor Por 20 (for gold shop)

***Certifying each document as a true copy**

Open an online account click


Bank account for payment to YLG

Current account

Account Number

Current account

Account Number

Current account

Account Number

Current account

Account Number

Payment process

  1. Sales representatives inform investors to make a payment within T+2 from the date of order confirmation.
  2. Customers transfer money to YLG Bullion International Co., Ltd.’s bank account.
  3. Customers send the pay-in slip by fax to 0-2677-5586, 0-2677-5590 for payment confirmation.
  4. Products will be delivered once the payment has been completed.

Payment method

  1. Bank transfer (ATM or Pay-in)
  2. ATS with commercial banks

Locations of gold delivery (Bangkok)

Customers can receive gold at YLG Bullion International Co., Ltd.’s office
Customers can make an appointment to receive gold at the company’s designated commercial banks
(the location will be informed 2 days in advance)

The office’s location

Locations of gold delivery (Bangkok)

Gold deposit/withdrawal

  • Customers can request depositing gold bars with the company free of charge.
  • In case of gold bar withdrawal, customers must make a request as follows:
  • Request by 12:00 – Receive products next working day
  • Request after 12.00 – Receive products within T+2


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