YLG Bullion and Futures Co., Ltd. is under the same group of YLG Bullion International Co., Ltd., which is Thailand’s leading importer and exporter of gold bars. YLG Bullion International imports 99.99% gold bars guaranteed by the London Bullion Market Association : LBMA, the standard that is recognized by gold investment markets around the world. Today, YLG Bullion and Futures Co., Ltd. has a wide customer base as follows:

Leading gold traders nationwide: Large-sized customers who buy wholesale to produce 96.5% gold and sell to retail customers as gold bars, jewelry business entrepreneurs, and local investors who trade gold.

Service Highlight

Investment via CME that is the biggest trading market in USA
Trading gold online
to 3 AM
You can investing even Thailand holiday
Trading gold system of YLG Bullion is top standard gold from www.cqg.com
Confident with ensurance from SEC and SEC

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The company's head office (Sathorn)
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